Saturday, 3 July 2010

Busy Busy Busy !

We may be missing in action over the next couple of weeks as its proving to be a very very busy time ahead for us. My eldest daughter is turning 15 tomorrow so we have some fun days out planned for the family. We are also moving home into our new house & we have the cat houses to get built up again as this is first priority (of course ) to anything we need to do to the house :) it will be so nice to see them stretching out enjoying the sun again so soon. My boys especilly like their own rooms & space or they get moody & grouchy with the others, not all the time but it sure does build up to a few hours of grumpy cats when they get going.

We also have to arrange the special arrival of two very special cats Slava who is coming from Russia, this is very exciting we can not wait to meet her she is so big & so much like her father (here they are )
& our secret new boy who we will announce very shortly, he is a handsome fella.We have had one litter just born & one more litter in 26 days time so we will be busy with babies all over again just how I like it lol We do hope to get to some more shows in the next few months as well we would like to get Brutus & Imir out on the show bench again then Slava & our new boy sheesh that is going to keep me very busy indeed.

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LunikTyen Siberians said...

What a lovely chunky girl. Bet you're so excited, and moving house too. Best wishes with everything and see you when you get back showing. X