Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Welcome !

We would like to welcome to the world our second Christmas litter today. Seven new little ones were safely delivered. We will of course update you all & get pictures in a few weeks time when both mommys are happy & settled with their new arrivals.
So far in colours we have : two whites & five high whites from mommy no 2
mommy no 1 we have two classic two spotted & two tabbys colours to be confimed at a later date as we a re not sure if they are browns or silvers yet.


Shirley Powney said...

wow that's a lot of kittens...a nice way to 'keep busy'!

LunikTyen Siberians said...

All safely delivered so you can relax and enjoy for a little while before the real fun begins. What a Christmas it's going to be in your home.
Well done mommys and Auntie Tessa. Looking forward to pics.
Great news, Jackie x

Midnightstarsiberians said...

Congratulations again! well done to both mums x x