Thursday, 24 February 2011


Finally after such a long long wait we have managed to get Dramatica home, it was a long day yesterday we delivered three kittens to their new homes & mommy & daddy's. Then we made the very slow painful journey to Hathrow, the traffic was horrific & we didnt think we were going to make it in time to collect her last night. Finally we got a break in the traffic & we made it just in time to collect her. She is ever so friendly & has been getting to know her her new home today. We have had cuddle time & play time so I am sure soon it will be snooze time :)
We were hoping to get Dramatica out on the show bench before she started breeding but she is in full heat & calling hard so we will be mating her as soon as possible. I just wanted to also say she has amazing ear tips :) & a big fluffy tail :)


Lunik Tyen Siberians said...

She looks great Tessa. Seems to have settled already.Bet she's less stressed than you that's for sure. What a nightmare journey.

Midnightstarsiberians said...

Beautiful girl - love her eyes.

D xx