Thursday, 10 November 2011

R.I.P Sashenka

30.08.2005 saw the very first litter of siberians @ Katyenka we were very very excited indeed when Hedwiga gave birth to six lovely bouncy babies. Luckily my sister purchased two of them babies and I have been ever so blessed to watch them both grow into lovely adult sibis. Ivanno the boy died 3 years ago, he managed to chew a wire that still had electric charge, then not long after Sashenka became poorly. We thought it was just her missing her brother. After many vet visits tests etc they diagnosed Sashenka with a failing pancreas. This is not repairable but after her stay in hospital and medication Sashenka was slowly on the mend. The last couple of weeks Sashenka was slowy getting worse and we feared it was time for her. Over the last few days she stopped eating and became stressed, this afternoon she now rests in peace and is playing with her brother again. It is indeed a sad day but I hope both my babies are together playing in the warm sun.

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Lunik Tyen Siberians said...

I'm so sorry Tessa. You must be devastated. How very sad. for you and your family.
Sahsenka ... RIP little girl xx