Thursday, 7 January 2010

The N litter

Wow the time has passed by so fast without a blink it feels, with all the festivities & all & now they are 3 weeks old. The babies have been moved into the nursery so they have much more room to play & explore. In a few days time it will be good fun as we introduce the weaning stage of raw meat yummm yum. Mum is pleased to be in the nursery as she can move away a little bit & relax as she has been such a godd momma & hardly left them at all.

Nikifor a classic boy

Natalia mc tabby

Nikita mc tabby


Clare Ferris said...

Gorgeous babies, Natalia's head looks huge! hope they are well x

Katyenka Siberians said...

Hi Clare they are doing FAb & scream at us everytime we walk into the nursery now :)