Monday, 25 January 2010

Update !

It has been a busy weekend this weekend for us @ Katyenka sadly we said goodbye to our beloved Roxy. She has found her new home it was very very sad for us to say goodbye as she has such a strong personality & has you can not go many minutes without knowing you have got Roxy around she was always into mischief so if you didnt se her you could hear her. We got the best picture ever of her new owner acting as usual into mischief like a meercat lol ..............I look forward to hearing all about how she is progressing later from her new mommy. I was very nervous about her new mommy but they loved her so I am very very happy person.

The N Litter are now 5 weeks old & the door to the nursery has been opened, they havent progressesd far yet but they are learning there is a whole big world outside that door. They are a very handsome bunch all 3 of them. They all have different personalities already.
Nikolai is the leader & main mischief man he is into everything & everyone watch your toes because he will bite them & very hard.......

Natalia is a lovely natured female with a little bit of shyness, hardly surprising with two brothers to contend with. But she sure will give it a good try. Such a shame she has been sold as a pet she would make a FAB breeding girl for someone !

Nikifor is like a bull in a china shop runs round mad as a hatter pushing his weight around is so funny to watch him square up to everything & anything, even his dinner plate sometimes, such a silly fellow indeed. I am uncertian about this chappys position he is supposed to be going as a breeding male to the USA but I think there may be problems with the new owner so he may be available watch this space!! (if you are interested please contact me )

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